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About Hernani

Not my real name. Taken.

I am here to seek one man - the king! - whose supple, rippling muscles move like a tiger under his thin, tight tunic; whose firm grip grasps all that it desires; who holds in his masterful leather fist every man of the court; with a voice, deep and lusty of command, which dominates lesser creatures at a glance; riding the land like a horse beneath his firm, muscular thighs; all whom would oppose him forced to submit before the bit thrust into a drooling mouth; the curve of his jaw like the very cliffs marked on the map of his empire in rich, black blood; that blood which pulses beneath the skin, hot and wet and tender, the blood of the king thrusting into my bloodline, my destiny and ripping me asunder - that man, aye! That is he whom I seek.

100% straight.

LIKES: good listeners, anyone who can tolerate what a hideous, repellent, monster I am who will sully and ruin your taintless life, swordplay with other hardy fellows, VENGEANCE, mountaineering, true love, bondage (emotional)

DISLIKES: alpha guys who don't know how to treat women with the respect they deserve but shower them with jewels and ducal coronets and necklaces and silks and castles; the monarchy

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