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Here are my favourite resources for making neocities websites with!

I've made this list for myself mostly, because it's easier to check a site with a nice layout than delve into my bookmarks.


My CSS skills are a work in progress; I much prefer editing a layout someone else has pre-made. Which is the traditional way of doing it, retro kids. If you right-click, View Source you can see the HTML code of a website to check out features you might like to copy for your own site. Back in the day, the best layout-makers would have a list of rules as long as your arm, so check what creators are OK with. But basically, starting with someone else's stuff and tinkering with it for your own is the best way to learn!




How to autoplay youtube music

I figured this out by perusing the code at

Step 1: go to Youtube. Under your video, click Share > Embed, and copy the code in the box. It'll say something about iframes.

Step 2: paste it into the body section of your webpage

Step 3: edit the code. Set width and height to 0, so the video will not appear visually on the page.

Step 4: Now, edit the youtube url. Add "?&autoplay=1" to the end. So, from

This will make the music autoplay.

Step 5: Sweet work!

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