Have you ever thought Hugo's masterpiece was a bit too - well - miserable? Do you feel like the musical is missing a truly extraordinary dance number? It's time to boogie on down with Enjolras and the Gang - take to the street and move to the beat!


In a parallel universe, the year is 1975 - and alongside youth-culture musicals like Godspell, Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, a little-known cult-classic adaptation of Les Miserables is written featuring the greatest disco artists of the moment, on the cusp of fame. The show closed in the first week after running out of money, with performers going on strike due to unpaid wages; it never relased a vinyl release or critical attention. For years, rumours of the show were the things of disco and Hugo legend - until a surviving bootleg came to light, capturing the electrifying original cast. These lost tapes have now been remastered, and released for the first time online - complete with information from surviving flyers and other documents.


In a parallel universe, the year is 1975. The post-war boom has left black Americans behind, and the hippy movement have sold out, dreams unfulfilled. Women, Black, Latin and gay communities turn to the dancefloor, pioneering a new sound as an escape from aggressive policing - and build radical community movements ready to take to the streets, and fight back. The Backroom - a radical club squatting an abandoned food processing plant - forms a community hub for New York's least wanted; to live, to love - and survive.

Act 1
Act 2
Act 3